Garbage Can Fly Trap

Garbage Can Fly Trap

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  • For house flies and fruit flies
  • Pesticide free, no chemical attractants
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Hands-free disposal
  • Includes one trap and two replacement cartridges


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The Garbage Can Fly Trap

Allows users to discretely catch and eliminate house flies and fruit flies from kitchens, homes and outdoor areas. These Garbage Can trap doesn’t require chemical attractants, the use of unsightly flypaper, or chasing flies with a swatter.

When full, the replacement cartridge can be released directly into your garbage via a quick release button on top of the trap allowing for hands-free disposal so there’s nothing disgusting to touch. 1.5″ hole saw required for installation (not included). For use in plastic or metal lids. Patent Pending.

Flies land on things you never want to set foot in, though you probably have, then they land on your sandwich! Yuck!  That’s why we invented the Garbage Can Fly Trap.  It doesn’t require chemical attractants, the use of unsightly fly strips or chasing flies with a swatter! Join us as we unite to say no more to the dreaded fly on our sandwiches, kitchen counters and anywhere else that matters!

Flies are naturally attracted to the smell of garbage in your garbage can. Flies, being attracted to the scent, seek the easiest route to gain access. We have designed the Garbage Can Fly Trap to let them think they have found it.  They enter on the exterior of the trap under the quick release button and follow their “nose” to the disposable cartridge below.  The cartridge contains fly paper which prevents their escape.  When you are ready to throw away the trap, simply push the quick release button to release the disposable cartridge directly in to the trash.  Then snap on a new cartridge and you are ready to go!