Cocoon Complete Home Security Device – Black

Cocoon Complete Home Security Device – Black

SUBSCRIPTION FREE HOME SECURITY - The cocoon is an all-in-one smart home security system that combines state of the art security software with an easy to use app interface and beautiful design to create the ultimate home security experience. Say goodbye to expensive monthly home security subscriptions. Cocoon has no monthly subscription and it's easy to use app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.
SUBSOUND® TECHNOLOGY - The cocoon's revolutionary subsound technology differs from other outdated security systems which sensors on each of your doors and windows to detect movement. Subsound technology the air in your home as a link between these entry points and its powerful microphone. Cocoon's built in AI quickly tunes itself to your household's frequency, learning the rhythms of your home to avoid false alarms.
SMART DEVICE APP INTERFACE - The cocoon is controlled from from your Apple or Android device with our easy to use app which is available for free on the app store and google play. You can monitor and secure your home from any phone or tablet. You can view cocoon's high definition security camera to see what's going on in your house while you're away. Cocoon will also send you alerts of security events it detects in the house and allows you to arm or engage the ear piercing 90+ decibel siren.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION AND SET UP - The cocoon is designed for easy use and simple setup. Avoid the hassle of wiring a security system through your home and installing ugly sensors on your doors, windows and other entry points. The cocoon's subsound technology allows this small aesthetic device to watch over and secure your entire home from a single location. Simply plug it in and enjoy state of the art security and protection.
PRIVACY & ENCRYPTION - Cocoon's software has been developed with a focus on your privacy and security. Our firewalls and data encryption are just the basic layers of the devices data security. If someone in your household live streams video then the LED light on you Cocoon will start flashing so, if you're in the room, you can say hello. All software features are designed for your eyes only, so that your home life stays private. The cocoon is secure, safe and easy to use.

30-day free return. 12-month warranty. Free shipping. No monthly fees.


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Cocoon All In One Home Security System (Black)

Everything that makes your house your home, protected by a single, smart device the size of a softball. Cocoon is the only home security system that protects your whole home from a single all-in-one device. Get HD video, Subsound® alerts covering your whole home, and control an ear-piercing +90 decibel siren all from your phone. With Cocoon you’ll never have to worry about home security again.

Cocoon doesn’t need professional installation. Simply place Cocoon in your home, download the app, connect to your home Wi-Fi and you’re done. Simple. Cocoon automatically arms and disarms when you come and go, so no more keypads or remembering to set an alarm! From the moment you plug it in Cocoon’s patented Subsound® technology starts learning the unique patterns of your home, avoiding false alarms and sending you smart notifications only when you need to take action.You don’t need to do anything to teach Cocoon what’s normal for your home. Just go about your day and trust that Cocoon is looking after what you care about most.